CRS’s innovative proprietary centrifuges maximize drilling performance and solids control.


Featuring a proprietary design with a longer bowl configuration, THE BEAR centrifuge from CRS delivers high-speed processing for outstanding solids control in oil and gas operations. Available as a stand-alone unit or as part of a custom solution, THE BEAR delivers effective, efficient management of drilling fluids including oil- and water-based muds, water from air-drilling and more.

Benefits include:

  • Up to 100 HP for more torque
  • Longer dwell time for maximum extraction
  • Best-in-class low side differentials
  • Proprietary bowl design for maximum LGS removal
  • Supported by an innovative skid design that provides a small on-site footprint and a higher level of operations control, all backed by CRS’s 24/7 on-site coverage

Get a 360° view of THE BEAR:
Get a 360° view of THE BEAR

Producing more power and best-in-class low side differentials for the driest letdown, THE BEAR is an ideal option for demanding oil and gas applications.

THE BEAR centrifuge delivers power and performance

Bowl Diameter 21" Torque 88,600 in-lb
Bowl Length 91" Max Bowl Speed 2,600 RPM
Bowl Volume 70 gallons Differential Range 0.5 – 42 RPM
Main Drive 100 HP Solids Output 26,000 lb/hr
Back Drive 30 HP Hydraulic Capacity 500 gpm

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